Pillowcase Dress Instructions

Supplies needed:
One pillowcase
Two 6 inch pieces of 1/2 inch elastic
Two 30 inch pieces of double fold bias tape
(Wide easier, narrow looks better & ties better.)

Optional – any desired trim – lace, ric rac, buttons, etc.

Cut off top, folded edge of pillowcase straight across. How much you cut off determines how long the dress will be, thus what size you want to make. They have been made anywhere from small enough for a baby to big enoung for a pre-teen.
Cut two armholes the shape of a letter “J” – one on each side of the pillowcase with the top of the “J” at the cut off edge and the bottom, curved part of the “J” at the sides. For a smaller dress, make the “J” about 3″ tall. For a larger dress, make the “J” about 4″ tall.

Elastic casing:

Fold the top edges down about 1/4″, then another about 3/4″.  Measurements do not need to be exact.  Sew close to the first fold forming a tunnel or casing.  Do the other side the same way.  Thread elastic (1/2″ wide – 6″ long) through casing on each side with a large safty pin.  Secure ends of elastic at armhole edges.

Armhole edges and ties:

Take a 30″ long piece of double fold bias tape and fold in half.  Pin the halfway point to the underarm point on the dress.  Sew from that point up, catching the armhole inbetween the two sides of the bias tape.  Continue through the ends of the bias tape beyond where the top of the dress ends to form the ties.  Repeat until both armholes are incased in the bias tape and the ties have been made.  Note:  one side of the double fold bias tape is a little wider than the other.  Put the widest side on the underside from where you are sewing.  That way, when you sew on the edge of the top side, you know the underside is being caught in the stitching.

The dress is now finished, unless you choose to embellish or decorate it in some manner!

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