About Me

My passion for sewing began when I was 6 years old.  My mom made clothes for my sister and I.  Every time she made me a new dress, I had to hand hem it before I could wear it.  At that age I also began making doll clothes out of scraps of fabric. I’ll always be grateful to mom for introducing me to the world of sewing.

I was launched into decorator sewing when at age 14 I moved into my own bedroom for the first time.  My mom bought me a bolt of fabric and said “Have fun decorating!”  I designed and made a ruffled bedspread, vanity skirt, pillow shams, curtains, throw pillows and matching lamp shades.

In school I took as many home economics classes as they offered.  Since then I have taken several other classes in sewing wherever I could find them. I’m still always hungry for more knowledge.   I am always in search of  finding a new or better way of constructing or altering something.

When my kids were little I made almost all our clothing including underwear, bras, a suit for my husband, jeans, and winter coats.  I also made most gifts we gave as well as our drapes and decorator items.  It was not uncommon for me to sew 10 to 15 items per week just for us.  There was always a new idea swimming around in my head about something else I wanted to create.

A few years ago when I was employed as the office manager of a dance studio, I also became their costume mistress.  That introduced me to another aspect of sewing.  Since then I’ve had the privilege and joy of working backstage of dance performances, fashion shows, and theatrical productions doing costume design; costume construction; alterations; emergency quick fixes of costumes; as well as organizing and caring for the costumes.

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